About Us

"Hey Wysely" is a mission-driven e-commerce store with a passion for offering premium quality, eco-friendly products that promote zero-waste living and a healthy lifestyle for both our planet and its people.

At "Hey Wysely", we are steadfast in our mission to be more than just another eco-warrior e-commerce company. We are a sustainability-centered eco-brand committed to offering high-quality products that encourage and support our community members who embrace and live a waste-free lifestyle. By offering for our customers high-quality, plastic-free products that are brilliantly designed and durably built, we are doing our part to make life easier, more convenient and more stylish – all while also protecting our environment.

Founded in 2021, "Hey Wysely" believes you should never have to choose between style, sustainability, and quality. Inspired by the belief that every day, we each have the opportunity to learn more, be better, and grow wiser, "Hey Wysely" is a call to action for those who are considering a plant-based, plastic-free, zero-waste lifestyle as well as a support system for those who already do.  Based in the United States and serving a global community of environmentally conscious individuals, "Hey Wysely" is driven by the notion that each of us has the capacity to help change our world today and impact the health of our planet in the future by choosing products that are ethically, sustainably, and mindfully crafted from organic, cruelty-free, and plastic-free materials.