Our Story

The story of "Hey Wysely" began with a small family staycation to the coast and a stark realization.

Basking in the sun, we watched as the waves gently rolled in. All around us was the sound of joyful children playing and the soft touch of warm wind sweeping over our skin. For a moment, all of our cares melted away, and we were overwhelmed with the magic and beauty of this magnificent place we call home.

However, upon further inspection, we realized the idyllic setting we found ourselves lost in was actually fraught with mysterious oil slicks on the water, garbage littering the sand, and plastic forks and bottles stuck in the seaweed and coral. We were horrified to witness the seemingly endless impact humanity had inflicted on this beautiful space – and then it hit us: If it was this bad here at a highly regulated and popular vacation destination, what was it like throughout the world? 

It didn’t take long for us to understand that we are in the middle of a crisis of epic proportions. From microplastics to carbon emissions, landfills to toxic chemicals, and everything in between – our world was suffering at the hands of humans, and the damage is unspeakable.

We quickly changed our daily habits. We started purchasing products from sustainable, reputable, and carbon-neutral organizations. We centered our priorities around buying higher quality items that would last longer over wasteful, disposable products that centered on convenience. We knew that alone, we might not be able to make a difference, but it was up to us to be the change we wanted to see in the world.

After realizing how difficult it was to find high-quality, reputable, and affordable eco-friendly products online that aligned with our goals and values, we decided to create "Hey Wysely" – an eco-friendly, zero-waste committed online e-commerce store dedicated to protecting our planet. Our commitment to providing the much needed support, care, and advocacy for our planet goes far beyond our business. We are dedicated to not only creating and delivering premium products that are sustainable and eco-friendly – we are also committed to donating a portion of every sale and total profits to support "1% For The Planet". We believe that it is our moral obligation to not only support our environment with quality products that support a carbon neutral, zero waste lifestyle, but to provide financial support to organizations in the world committed to doing the same.