Buffalo Horn Pocket-Sized Hair / Beard Comb

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The perfect gift for anyone with long locks, this Buffalo Horn Pocket-Sized Hair / Beard Comb features a comb made of ethically-sourced buffalo horns and designed to be the size of a credit card so that it could be conveniently carried around everywhere and anywhere. Compared to combs made of plastic, rubber, or other synthetic materials, horn combs are gentler on the hair, scalp, and face. As well, our horn combs absorb more natural oils, which prevents the production of static electricity and breakage of the ends of our hair. Treat the hairs on your head or face with love by using our buffalo horn comb.

Note: Since each hair comb is handmade in an all-natural material, expect slight variations in size, color, and pattern.


  • Measurements: 8.6 cm x 5.4 cm (3.4 in x 2 in)
  • Materials: Ethically-sourced water buffalo horn from Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Colors: Light Horn, Dark Horn
  • Assembled: San Francisco Bay Area, California


  • Wipe with a dry, non-abrasive cloth.
  • When not being used, store the handmade buffalo horn comb in a cloth bag to avoid exposure to excessive moisture or sunlight.

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