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Eco Friendly Bracelets - Hey Wysely
Sustainable Lifestyle Bracelets - Hey Wysely
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Rattan Bracelets - Hey Wysely

Buffalo Horn & Handwoven Rattan Bangle Bracelets (3pcs)

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Earthy and effortlessly chic, this Buffalo Horn & Rattan Bangles (3pcs) features two bangles that are intricately handwoven with rattan stems by artisans in northern Vietnam using rattan. Rattan is a climbing palm found in Southeast Asia; and similar to the strength and durability of bamboo, rattan has been used for many years to make baskets and trays. Our rattan is planted, harvested, sorted, and dried carefully in the province of Nam Dinh, Vietnam. Sandwiched between the two rattan bangles is a bangle made of ethically-sourced buffalo horn. As a sustainable fashion accessories brand, we thoughtfully selected buffalo horn as our primary material because it is a by-product of waste, a chemical-free process, an organic material, and a one-of-a-kind piece. These artisanal, eco-friendly, sustainable bangles are lightweight and comfortable for your all-day wear. Wear them on the weekends and take them along on your exotic trips to add a natural vibe to your ensemble.

Note: Since each bangle bracelet is handmade in an all-natural material, expect slight variations in size, color, and pattern.


  • Measurements: 6.3 cm inner dia; 1.0 cm height (2.48 in inner dia, 0.4 in height)
  • Materials: Handwoven rattan stems from Vietnam
  • Colors: Light Horn, Dark Horn, Honey Horn
  • Assembled: San Francisco Bay Area, California


  • Wipe with a dry, non-abrasive cloth.
  • When not being worn, store the bangle bracelets in a cloth bag to avoid exposure to excessive moisture or sunlight.

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